RANT- Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By

Just as I was getting into the swing of things someone somewhere throws a bogus broken bum-@#$%^ update into the system.

Since I have significant obligations on my time for the coming weekend, and the process of resolving the issues with posting updates are, needless to say, complex; I am simply posting a little rage-vent here against the need for constant fiddling and updating in the name of “security”.

A pox on all those morons out there who take delight in the suffering of others such that they require we make safe things which have very little intrinsic value beyond the joy of those of us who create them. Foul dark things will come and devour your nether parts in the night, you worthless cowardly scumbags.

Yes, I ‘ve been hacked in the past. Yes, I install the updates to prevent it. Yes, this is not my first rodeo where said update does more effective harm than good.

But if we didn’t have those saggy stinking pale fleshpiles out there in Mommy’s basement looking for something to do between rousing Facebook debates on Kirk v. Picard, we’d have less need of those updates.

I’m not the Pentagon. I’m not the White House. I’m not American Express. I’m not even really the CIA. I’m just an old art guy who self-indulges a penchant for waxing philosophic from time to time, so the only people “out to get me”, are worthless failures with nothing better to do than annoy the general public because the pizza is late and daddy didn’t hug them enough.

Okay, so enough rant for today. The issue has been handed to “tech support” and hopefully in a fortnight or two, they’ll make the irritating limitations of the new security update go away while still keeping me safe from drooling troglodytes. Go in peace. See you next week.

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