Going live…finally.

After a very long hiatus being father, husband, butler, chef, systems engineer, cat wrangler, and wearer of many hats, I’ve finally gotten around to fixing my website and actively working on creative projects. 

And then I’m right back out the door chasing other things. 

The good news is that I’ve figured out (to some extent) how to manage this stuff from whatever I am doing and wherever I am working. 

Which brings us to my current project: POP Trek . You’ll find sketchy details  (it’s still very new) and links to social media via the link above. The following images may give you the flavor of it.

It’s different and not different for me. It involves parody, special effects, and miniatures. It’s also stop motion, which I haven’t tried in 35 years . 

And it may not be your thing. But that’s okay. I’m doing this for fun, to work with my daughters, and to make something I enjoy. 

Life has enough serious stuff.

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